BlackMP Announces Three Year Endorsement Agreement with the National Football League Alumni (NFLA)

BlackMP announces it has executed a Three Year Endorsement Agreement (the “Agreement”) with the National Football League Alumni (“NFLA”, “NFL Alumni”) effective November 1, 2017 through November 2, 2020. Darren Long, CEO of Foods for Athletes™, stated, “Being a NFL alumnus myself, I am confident this Agreement with the NFLA will provide Foods for Athletes a unique advantage to […]

10 Cool Waters You Need to Know Now

BlackMP Living Water was featured on Veg News!  Look at what they say about us! We were apprehensive before trying Black MP Living Water’s black-colored water, but if you close your eyes, it tastes just like the clear stuff and comes with myriad benefits. First, the fluid is highly alkaline (ph 10), which counters free […]

Hydrating in the Winter is Just as Important as Summer

Did you know dehydration happens just as easily in winter as in the heat of summer?  As you move about in the cold, you may not be sweating, but water vapor is still being lost through your breath (that’s the steam you see streaming from your mouth in frigid temperatures.) Winter can also accelerate dehydration […]

BlackMP Sponsors Women’s Fitness Initiative

BlackMP Sponsors Women’s Broadcast Television Network Get Active Initiative BlackMP Living Water has long supported organizations and causes related to fitness and health.  We are proud to continue that commitment by supporting the Get Active Initiative on Women’s Broadcast Television Network  Staying fit is important for everyone, staying active is crucial! Below are some […]

How Your Body Loses Water and How BlackMP Living Water Helps

It’s hard to imagine, but simply breathing causes the loss of a significant quantity of water each and every day, depending on the climate in which you live and your level of physical exercise. Without fresh supplies of water to transport nutrients, vitamins and blood plasma throughout your body, you would soon become dehydrated and […]